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One of the most powerful sites about Poser and 3d in general.
You'll find everything you need, and more...


Vue 5 Infinite is the high-end 3D scenery solution for illustrators, SFX studios, architects, and 3D Computer Graphics professionals. It is strongly focused on power, productivity and inter-operability with existing toolkits.


Creators of the original poser characters. Commercial site about poser. Buy characters, textures, props, etc. Owners of Carrara and Bryce

Carrara 5 offers a wealth of tools for all types of users - from 3D animators, modelers and industrial designers to illustrators and creative professionals, from motion media aficionados and still photographers to fledgling 3D enthusiasts. The friendly and approachable interface will help you get started quickly, and the rich feature set will keep you satisfied throughout your projects. Take a closer look!

Bryce. Whether you're designing for print, multimedia, video or the Web, Bryce provides you with the tools to literally create a world of your own. An ideal way to integrate 3D technology into your creative process, Bryce 5.5 will save you valuable time by bringing the power of creation to your hands and allowing you to magnify that across multiple computers. Whether you are a professional designer, or a 3D graphics enthusiast, Bryce 5.5 will help bring your ideas to life with exceptional power and ease of use.

CGTrader is a 3D model marketplace for computer graphics and 3D printing, backed by a strong designer community. On CGTrader, 3D artists and designers share and sell their models, and their customers can choose from a wide collection of high-quality 3D models or hire a designer for a custom job. CGTrader also gives an opportunity for talented 3D designers to showcase their work, get valuable feedback, learn from peers, and interact in a designer-friendly environment.


Makers of Poser and Shade. (now owned by e-frontier) Whether you create for print, animation or the web, there’s always a need to integrate the human form. Poser 6 delivers the power of interactive 3D figure design, offering infinite opportunities to portray human diversity, form and expression. Design with the human form for art, illustration, animation, comics, web, print, education, medical, games, storyboarding, and more!


An online artists community centered around 3D computer generated art, but all are welcome! Galleries, Forums, Free stuff, and more.


Rhino provides the tools to accurately model your designs ready for rendering, animation, drafting, engineering, analysis, and manufacturing.


Pandromeda Home

Makers of MojoWorld. The MojoWorld products lets you create and explore entire worlds in infinite detail. Build new planets, fly around, capture spectacular images, animations and QuickTime VR panoramasThe revolutionary MojoWorld 3 product line turns you loose in these incredible worlds to create, sculpt, and populate them to realize your personal vision, in infinite detail. MojoWorld's amazing procedural fractal engine creates pixel-level detail at any resolution, distance, or field of view, for realism the likes of which you've never seen before—except in reality!


Makers of Bryce. Create realistic 3D landscapes and animations with Bryce 5. Since, sold to DAZ Productions. See above.




Eovia Corp., furthering the legacy of Ray Dream and Infini-D, is the developer and publisher of Carrara Studio, Carrara 3D Basics & Amapi 3D, three leading and widely used 3D software tools on the Macintosh and Windows. Products from Eovia seamlessly integrate into the design process by supporting industry standard 2D & 3D formats such as Flash, VET, 3DS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Quicktime & AVI. Note: Carrara has since been sold to DAZ Productions.

Makers of Maya. Maya is the first choice of digital content creators producing award-winning games, 3D animation and visual effects. Maya 4.5 offers a unique, affordable combination of ground-breaking tools and features, important workflow improvements, and platform choice.

Makers of TrueSpace. TrueSpace is the first 3D tool with a pervasive use of direct manipulation interface. Its 3D UI controls operate in 3D workspace, not in separate 2D panels, like in most legacy 3D tools.


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