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Sorry, Garrick says your browser does not support fantasy Plug-Ins, but thats ok. Check out the fantasy e-book on this page. I will have another fanasty e-book coming soon.

Welcome to the land of dragons

If  your looking for a book of high adventure and a fanciful backdrop then look no further.

What is belief in self? Can you believe in yourself even though you are not the person you use to be? How can we learn to believe enough in our own abilities to follow our own dreams? How can you discover who you are when you don't know where you are; or for that matter, what you are?

This is a tale of high adventure and intrigue, set in the extraordinary world where dragons and magic are real, where the splendor of an uncharted and untamed world is laid out before you, but where danger is your constant companion.

In all of Greg Reinehart, years as an accomplished archaeologist, nothing ever prepared him for what he would find in an ancient tomb in the South American jungle. Where he and his friends will find the occupant very much alive and not very happy to meet them. This is a place where two wizards battle for supremacy. a battle between good and evil, with the earth hanging in the balance and with Greg and his friends trapped in the middle.

When the dust clears, Greg finds himself half-way across the galaxy and transformed into an enormous dragon. He must now search franticly on a planet that seems bent on destroying him.

Join Greg on his adventure where startling discoveries are not only found from without but from within. A thrilling tale of courage and cooperation with a richly exotic species as old as time itself. This story is for those that yearn to live an adventure; now you can experience it.

Author's notes:

"In The Land of Dragons" is approximately 104,000 words, 266 pages and a lot of hard work and a lot of fun in the making. I welcome your comments, good or bad or if you have any problems with the links below. Send me an e-mail at Richard@DragonLord.net

Happy reading.

Hi-res image of the Cover Art for "In The Land of Dragons" 2048x1573 657k. Cover art by Rob Anderson. Thanks Rob.
Medium -res image of the Cover Art for "In The Land of Dragons" 1025x787 170k. Cover art by Rob Anderson.
Hi-res image of the map of Oculus for "In The Land of Dragons" 1600x1022 450k. Map by Rob Anderson.


Get the dragon poster. We have several different sizes from 14.5" x 19" to 31" x 40.5" on heavyweight paper or archival canvas.
Here you will find mouse pads, mugs, caps, and shirts with everyone's favorite dragon on it.
Get the full paperback novel for "In The Land Of Dragons" with a new fantastic cover.



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