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irst off, I'm Garrick and my companion at the keyboard is Richard, he sometimes does the typing for me because your human style keyboards aren't exactly dragon-friendly, but I can type when I have to.

I'm a two hundred-year-old (actually he's 231 years old) red dragon. Hey! Stop typing in your opinions Richard, I'm not a day over two hundred and ten. Besides, compared to dragons you would be about four hundred years old, (I'm forty four) almost old enough to be my father. (Gulp, sorry) Anyway, I guess that in comparison to your short lives I'm just a teenager. I've been on my own for about twenty years when those that borne me wanted me to seek out my own place in the world. (He was kicked out) Stop that! Well… yes, I was kicked out of my clan, but I have never looked back. The places I've been, the things I have seen, it would take a human several lifetimes to do.

I guess that after I left home I just flew from place to place. These creatures called humans fascinated me. My parents warned me about them, that they were violent, arrogant, and self-centered. At the time I didn't understand but I have learned much over the centuries. I think this might have been true in my parent's time and is still true to some extent today, but you have changed much during my lifetime. It was the first thing I leaned about you humans, is that you always strive for change. I have seen great beauty in the achievements of humans - architecture, music, art and much more, but I have also seen mankind's failures - war, destruction, disease… and worse.


You humans hold such great power of creation and destruction, but don't have a clue on how to use it. (Lighten up Garrick. They want to hear about you)

In any event, I guess I met up with Richard about fifteen years ago. I was trying to find a salmon stream in the area and when I went around an outcropping of rock we came face to face. I thought he was going to faint dead away on me. (Give me a break) At least he didn't try to harpoon me like a whale. (He thinks this is funny) But seriously, we just kind of hit it off. It was strange. When he first saw me he just stood there and started a conversation with me. We've been together ever since.



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