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Richard's Story

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Hi, I'm Richard. Garrick wanted to practice typing so he is at the keyboard while I dictate to him. I'll just have to talk real... slow. (Very funny. Can I help it if just one of my claws covers the whole keyboard)

Garrick trying to typeAs you can probably tell, I'm the creative genius in this group. (Ha! The only creative thought he ever had was when he moved here) Actually, I work for architects drawing hotels, restaurants and aircraft service facilities but I also write science fiction and fantasy stories as a hobby. I have written one novel and I have been trying to get it published but my experiences with publishers have been very disappointing. (It has a nice dragon in it so I don't see what the problem is) I have another novel started that has dinosaurs in it, kind of la Dinotopia, with a twist. (This maybe a little tougher. Dinosaurs aren't as interesting as us dragons) Hey, don't flatter yourself. Most of the time you're imitating a big doorstop. (I can't help it if dragons require lots of sleep)

Anyway, let me tell you what we have here. The main cave is about seventy feet square and thirty feet tall so Garrick doesn't bump his head. The walls are solid granite and Garrick used some of his fire to glaze their surface, then I came along and polished them to a high gloss. However, with all of Garrick's ...ahem collectibles, I feel like I'm living in a museum. (Hey, I need all this stuff) You need a broken spear? Or a rusty ax? (They were gifts!)

Why couldn't I find a dragon that hoarded gold and jewels like most dragons. (Because those that do aren't around any more)




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