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Here is where I will put my latest renders including, maybe a few of my mistakes, so maybe we can all learn from them. (I'll try not to flood this page with them) :-)

Here is a piece of fan art I did for Peter Ping that writes a story on the web. Its called "The Dragons of Forest Keep" and his site is here. He is a very good story teller and I was captivated by his story, so I did this for him.

The dragons are from DAZ Productions and posed in Poser 6. The stables and castle walls are from who makes some fantastic models. I tried to work entirely in Poser but it began to choke after the third dragon but I managed to complete the scene. As You can see below, there are numerous mistakes. (not mine) This is rendered in Poser 6 with the Firefly render engine on just a medium setting. (any higher I got a memory message) As you can see it dropped textures all over the place. The wall behind the stable, the roof over the stable, the face textures on both green dragons are missing (now you know why they are laughing) and there is something funky happening with the ground texture by the door and the overall lighting is only so-so.

Solution: moved the entire scene to Vue 5 infinite, realign the camera, and adjusted the global lighting, and it rendered like a charm. (Well, sort of. It took two days to render) Also, with the way the characters are laid out I used a 70 mm format for the final render. So you see. Things don't always go according to plan but sometimes they work out better.